Updated: 30 July 2019


Key Shareholder Information

Financial summary: Index AIM ALL

Status: AIM

Stock Code: AIM: CIP

Sector: Investing Company

Financial year end: 31 December

Total issued share capital: 55,000,000

Total voting capital: 55,000,000

Percentage share capital not in public hands: 6.0%


Significant shareholders:

Name Number of Shares Percentage
Efg Bank 5,000,000 9.09%
Corporation Financiere Europeene SA 5,000,000 9.09%
Spartan Fund Ltd SAC 4,460,000 8.11%
Goldfinch SA* 3,231,527 5.88%
Ecostone Fund Ltd 1,828,000 3.32%
Horbit Small Cap Opportunities Fund Ltd 1,799,000 3.27%



*  Goldfinch SA is a company wholly owned in equal proportion by Carlo Sgarbi and Marco Fumagalli, both Non-Executive Directors of CIP Merchant Capital Limited.