Majority of the Company’s capital to be invested in a concentrated portfolio of significant holdings in approximately 5 to 10 publically traded companies, with a focus on UK markets, looking for the following key characteristics:

  • Current or near-term cash generation
  • Attractive management track records
  • Potential for superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Potential for liquidity or exit with an identified timeframe
  • Potential for the Company to add incremental value or utilise competitive advantage
  • Strong fundamentals


Investment Restrictions:

  • No single investment over 20% of NAV*
  • Any one sector or industry shall not account for more that 50% of NAV*
  • Investments in unlisted/unquoted companies limited to 30% of NAV*
  • Investments in other funds limited to 10% of NAV*
  • Derivatives may be utilised if deemed appropriate to mitigate the risk of interest rate or currency rate fluctuations or else
  • The Company may use security if it believes it will enhance shareholder returns. Borrowing is limited to 30% of NAV*

*Restrictions apply at the time of investment